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The Evacuation Route Project

Project Description
The Evacuation Route Project (ERP) is an ongoing public solicitation of disaster evacuation routes in and around Houston, Texas eventually culminating in a printed calendar.

The Southeastern corner of Texas is a largely petrochemical landscape, geographically subject to hurricanes. The local environment, like many in contemporary North America, is saturated with the potential for natural and anthropomorphic disaster. The intention of the ERP is to investigate how this particular ecology of fear affects people living in the area. By compiling personalized evacuation routes, ERP will examine the ways we factor threat into the geography of our everyday lives, and the degree to which the potential for disaster alters patterns of movement and preparedness.

The act of evacuation is an architecture of movement, generally delegated to federal control.

ERP is interested in the ways by which this mass architecture may become personalized and anarchic.

Please submit YOUR route suggestions for hurricane or hazardous material disasters to:

Evacuation Route Project
Pythagoras Film
1958 W. Walnut
Chicago, IL 60612

Personalized, alternative and/or non-governmental routes are preferred!

The Evacuation Route Project has been facilitated by Atopia Projects and Blaffer Gallery. For more information, contact Deborah Stratman at

Interview about The Evacuation Route Project (ERP)
With Atopia Projects, Glasstire, 2004

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