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Four Act Balance
2007, 15 minutes, 4-channel installation

Project Description

The poem is not
a rule-bound crossing
but rather an offering,
a lawless proposition.

- Alain Badiou

Four Act Balance is a 4-channel video installation/poem, conceived for the National Palace Museum of Taiwan in response to the feature-length experimental documentary Kings of the Sky. Both pieces focus upon indigenous minority tightrope walkers in Muslim Western China.

Four Act Balance arose from a desire to seek out a new kind of temporal logic: that of concurrency, of the spatial, of the body. The viewer is called upon to actively resituate him/herself in space, balancing their attention between four screens, each facing inwards as walls to a room. By dismembering and transplanting ideas, the older content is destabilized and yet fortified. While strong carry-over of political sentiment and cultural observation from the documentary remain, Four Act Balance is a film experience in it’s own right, wholly independent of the earlier film.

Meaning can be political only when it does not let itself be easily stabilized. And when it does not rely on any single source of authority, but rather empties authority, or decentralizes it.

- Trinh Minh-ha

Apply oneself to insignificant images.
Let feelings bring about events, not the other way.
Fortify ideas by transplanting them.
Unbalance so as to rebalance.

- Robert Bresson

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